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We all have our story to tell. My story is not one of success and rags to riches. This is the story of a 46-year-old man who is at a crossroads in life. A story of a Father, a son, a brother, an uncle a boss, an employer, a success, and a failure all bundled into a single package. This is a mission that should have already begun and a journey too incredible to take on my own. I invite all to  enjoy some incredible food cooked with absolute passion

Just another day serving my amazing customers. This one just happens to be a pro MMA fighter.
These two mighty fine fellows happen to be brothers. One is on his way to the NBA and the other is right in his footsteps.
This man has been a customer since the beginning of my journey. A semi-pro football player and a great person.
These young men are from the other side of the country, here for work. They ate with me one time for their lunch break and it was over. Two months straight they came to Saxx's 5 day's out of the week to eat.
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