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Saxx's Breakfast Tacos

Saxx's breakfast tacos are unmatched in the 78747 of south Austin, Texas. From my lowest-priced tacos like my potato, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos with Saxx's home-crafted hot salsa verde or my in-house mild lemon citrus red

salsa is all created with love for every bite. If you are serious about your breakfast then let me challenge you to try out my bacon, egg, potato, and cheese or my 16-hour slow-smoked brisket, potato, egg, and cheese tacos. Even my potatoes are grilled, seasoned, and steamed to perfection by yours truly.



Saxx's Awesome Burgers

My burgers are hand-crafted daily with my years of perfect patty recipe creating efforts. You will be hard pressed to find a better burger!

0 Burger menu.jpg
The Jimmy (patty melt)

This amazing burger is named after my oldest brother, Jimmy. This is a delicious patty melt created out of a third-pound hand-crafted patty covered in butter sauteed onions and melted cheddar cheese. What better way to serve this than between two slices of buttered texas toast with a side of Saxx's crinkle-cut fries.

The Joni (mushroom swiss burger)

Joni is my second to eldest brother. This mushroom-swiss burger will keep you coming back for more. A one-third pound of pure beef personally crafted patty with juicy sauteed and seasoned mushrooms trapped under a layer of melted swiss cheese and conveniently placed between two toasted sesame seed buns.

Wat Wat.jpg
The Wat-Wat (double cheeseburger)

Just as I would imagine you have guessed by now, Wat-Wat is my third eldest brother. This is a double stack of my perfect patties with double the cheese dressed with ketchup, mustard, sauteed onions, lettuce, and seasoned tomatoes, and placed between two butter-toasted sesame seed buns.

The Andrew (bar-b-q bacon cheeseburger)

Andrew is my second to youngest brother. This item is especially special to me because There was an extensive period when I never thought I would see him again. Although I LOVE all of my brothers the same, they all taste different here at Saxx's Tacos, and this one is simply addictive. As always, that perfectly crafted Saxx's patty is topped with crispy peppered bacon, sauteed juicy mushrooms, sweet onions, melted cheddar cheese, and house-crafted bar-b-q sauce.

The Schylur "Skyler" (spicy fajita burger)

Well, I started this business as a taco shop, but I am not the type to settle so we keep growing. Schylur is my youngest brother and somewhat of the unicorn you can never catch. I figure if I can't put him in a box, then we will just join the boxes. This magnificent double cheeseburger is basically the offspring of my fajitas and burgers done super spicy... because he is just a spicy kinda guy. This burger has swiss and cheddar, sauteed veggies, peppers, and salsa verde. Don't go here unless you like spicy!

The Charly (hot ham and cheese)

You know how they say that blood is thicker than water? Well, I take that with a grain of salt. Unlike all of my other menu items, Charly is not blood, however, we have been best friends since young childhood. Well, I think he qualifies to make my menu. Also, He is my brother just the same. This butter-toasted style sub sandwich is one of my biggest sellers. Thick ham steak smoked and grilled over olive oil salt and peppered with three extra grilled slices of deli-style ham resting above Swiss and cheddar cheese topped with fried eggs and pressed between two toasted deli sub-style buns and glazed in mayo.

0 Sandwich menu.jpg
Saxx's Sandwich Menu

This menu is the most heartbreaking. Don't get me wrong, the food is delicious, but this little restaurant is how I feel close to my kids. Are you ready for this? let's go!

0 Sandwich menu.jpg
The Tristan (BLT)

Tristan is my oldest child, my first child. My absolutely beautiful daughter whom I never had the privilege of raising The Tristan is my BLT because she is very direct. What better sandwich than the bacon, lettuce, and tomato?  Seems pretty direct to me! Crispy peppered bacon layered on fresh lettuce topped with salt and peppered fresh sliced tomato resting between butter-toasted Texas toast and mayo top and bottom..

The Gabe (Gyro)

Gabe is my second oldest child and my only son. I decided to create a Gyro after him because I never even knew what a Gyro was for the majority of my life. Once I had one, I realized I loved it. The significance is that Gabe was 12 before I knew he existed. This particular menu item I spent months on getting it to what I consider perfect, This beef Gyro is perfectly toasted Peta bread glazed in Tzatziki sauce, a quarter pound of American beef charred to the perfect consistency, filled with sauteed veggies, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and fresh cut tomatoes. Served with Saxx's crinkle-cut fries and a smile. You'll be back!

The Whysper sandwich.jpg
The Whysper (bacon, chicken, avocado)

Whysper is my middle daughter. When she was a very young little girl she would run around the yard with her arms out like a bird and loved to spin in circles. I found it fitting to create the chicken sandwich after her. This delicious combination of ingredients compliment each other very well. Constructed with juicy grilled chicken breast, crispy peppered bacon, melted swiss cheese, fresh sliced avocado, ripe red tomatoes, topped with mayo, and resting between two butter toasted buns and served with fries.

The Brooklynn sandwich.jpg
The Brooklyn (club sandwich)

Brooklyn is my baby girl. My youngest child is an amazing dancer which she gets from her ballet-trained mother. If one wants to dance, where do you go? That's right, the club. My Brooklyn sandwich is my club and it is fire! Three slices of butter toasted Texas Toast layered with the bottom slice topped with mayo, lettuce, grilled ham and topped with the center slice of Texas Toast. Next layer is more of that crisp lettuce covered in a layer of grilled turkey and crunchy peppered bacon topped with sea-salted and peppered juicy tomato slices. Last but not least is the final slice of butter toasted texas Toast glazed in mayo. Cheese is optional.

The Sophia fish sandwich.jpg
The Sofia (fish filet)

Sofia is my eldest brother Jimmy's eldest daughter. One thing this girl loves is the outdoors. She and her uncle Schylur's favorite thing to do together is go fishing, thus contributing this fish sandwich to her. You have two options when ordering this delicious sandwich. Option number one is my hand-crafted beer-battered fried fish filet served between two toasted sesame seed buns with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and tartar sauce. Option number two is pan-seared and blackened filet dressed the same. All sandwiches and burgers are served with fries.

The Bella Philly cheesesteak.jpg
The Bella (Philly cheesesteak)

Bella is my eldest brother Jimmy's youngest daughter. Her personality leans much more toward city life than her big sister Sofia. I found it fitting to create my own Philly cheesesteak based on her personality. Mandolin thin sliced top-grade beef lightly grilled with Saxx's special blend of spices then combined with sauteed sweet onion and sweet red bell. This amazing combination is then topped with provolone cheese and melted. The final touch is slapping that right between two bakery sub-style toasted buns.

For those who prefer vegetarian

Being as it may, I am not quite aware of any family members who are vegan or vegetarian. With this being said, I can not let that minor detail hinder me from catering to those who are. As of now, I only offer a half dozen vegan menu items. There will be no cool back story to aid this menu, however, they are delicious just the same. However, you are welcome to tell me what it is you would like to see in your to-go box and I am certain I can make that happen.

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All taco platters are served with two amazing tacos, black beans, and rice with a small side of chips and Saxx's salsa.

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